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CERT Training 
by Cynthia Garfold
 3/25/2017 10:59


SAR Chronicles Issue 6.pdfSAR Chronicles Issue 6Cynthia Garfold
SAR Chronicles Issue 5.pdfSAR Chronicles Issue 5Cynthia Garfold
SAR Chronicles Issue 4.pdfSAR Chronicles Issue 4Cynthia Garfold
SAR Chronicles Issue 3.pdfSAR Chronicles Issue 3Cynthia Garfold
SAR Chronicles Issue 2.pdfSAR Chronicles Issue 2Cynthia Garfold
SAR Chronicals Issue 1.pdfSAR Chronicals Issue 1Cynthia Garfold


  CERT Training Videos
  IS-317 CERT Course Introduction

 CERT Training Tools

Using_the_Compass_-_rev_0.2.pdfUsing_the_Compass_-_rev_0.2Cynthia Garfold
Portable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part_1_of_2.docPortable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part_1_of_2Cynthia Garfold
CERT-RadioPt2Revised10Oct07.pptCERT-RadioPt2Revised10Oct07Cynthia Garfold
Portable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part2.docPortable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part2Cynthia Garfold
cert the game2.ppscert the game2Cynthia Garfold
CERT-BASICRadioRev10Oct07.pptCERT-BASICRadioRev10Oct07Cynthia Garfold
CERT The Game.ppsCERT The GameCynthia Garfold
CERT Team Field Operating Guide.pdfCERT Team Field Operating GuideCynthia Garfold