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CERT Training 
by Cynthia Garfold
 3/25/2017 10:59


SAR Chronicals Issue 1.pdfSAR Chronicals Issue 1Cynthia Garfold


  Citizen Corp: CERT State Directory
  CERT Training Videos
  IS-317 CERT Course Introduction

 CERT Training Tools

Using_the_Compass_-_rev_0.2.pdfUsing_the_Compass_-_rev_0.2Cynthia Garfold
Portable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part_1_of_2.docPortable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part_1_of_2Cynthia Garfold
CERT-RadioPt2Revised10Oct07.pptCERT-RadioPt2Revised10Oct07Cynthia Garfold
Portable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part2.docPortable_Radio_Fundamentals_for_CERT_Part2Cynthia Garfold
cert the game2.ppscert the game2Cynthia Garfold
CERT-BASICRadioRev10Oct07.pptCERT-BASICRadioRev10Oct07Cynthia Garfold
CERT The Game.ppsCERT The GameCynthia Garfold
CERT Team Field Operating Guide.pdfCERT Team Field Operating GuideCynthia Garfold