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Lost Person Behavior

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Lost Person Behavior
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Information concerning Lost Person Behavior

 Creating A Search Plan

Lost person behavior is the cornerstone of search and rescue efforts. Western PA Search and Rescue Development Center uses this protocol to develop a working search plan. The three most important pieces of information are:


·         Age

·         Mental State

·         Last known activity


From this information we can start developing a search plan and update it as information comes in.


A missing person questionnaire (MPQ) is used to gather all information in one place. If a person has gone missing, please use one of the forms under the questionnaire section on this page to gather all pertinent information about the subject. No detail is too small.


WPSARDC will develop the search plan so that paid and volunteer resources are used efficiently. This service is available to any agency and to the public.


 Missing Persons Questionaires

LPB MPQ.pdfLPB MPQCynthia Garfold
Missing Persons Questionaire ICS-302.pdfMissing Persons Questionaire ICS-302Cynthia Garfold
SpecialNeeds_Questionnaire.pdfSpecialNeeds_QuestionnaireCynthia Garfold