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Operation: Take Me Home

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Operation: Take Me Home
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Lifesaving Programs for the Special Need Population
Recall the vivid images from Hurricane Katrina of frail elderly parents being floated out on mattresses and young children separated from their families for months. Remembering the tragic stories of the defenseless victims who were unable to evacuate is heartbreaking. Broad agreement has risen that this must change.

Safe evacuation is job one in any disaster.

Among the lessons being learned from Hurricane Katrina, our nation's largest natural disaster, this is an absolutely essential one. What happens to the vulnerable person unable to evacuate safely whose nearest relatives are not able to reach their loved one during a disaster?

SAFELY OUT™ is a project of Citizen Voice, developed in partnership with the Red Cross – Sacramento Sierra Chapter, to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens -- including the disabled, frail seniors, young children and more -- are protected during a disaster.

Who are the vulnerable in a disaster?

  ...and elderly widow with limited mobility            


  ...a person with significant disabilities                 


 ...a young child who is home alone after school  


…and more

Disaster can impact us all:

·       Flood

·       Fire

·       Weather

·       Terrorist event

·       Chemical spill

·       And more



SAFELY OUT™ Door Hanger
For placement on door or window indicating you "Need Help" or are "SAFELY OUT™."


SAFELY OUT™ Refrigerator Magnet
For storing essential evacuation information (including contact details for nearby helpers to assist with evacuation.


For storing medications and additional critical information (prescriptions, insurance, etc.).


SAFELY OUT™ Information Sheets
Including a simple how-to-guide, helper information sheets and a wallet card.


Plus, an erasable pen for use on the magnet, a permanent marker for the door hanger, and adhesive strips, if needed, for placing the NEED HELP door hanger on a window.