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Operation: Take Me Home

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Operation: Take Me Home
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Western PA Search and Rescue Development Center > Operation: Take Me Home
Lifesaving Programs for the Special Need Population


Western PA Search and Rescue Development Center expanded our services for the at-risk/vulnerable/special need population. In addition to specializing in missing persons with special needs, we are now a medical provider under programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. As a qualified provider, we can help people to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals in their community.



Mission Statement


It is our mission to support the vulnerable population we serve, to make their own choices and we are dedicated to the Health, Safety and Independence of all our participants.





We are currently accepting new participants with the following waivers:


·        Consolidated

Ø Home and Community Habilitation Services

Ø Companion Services

Ø Respite Services


·        Base/ Person/Family Directed Services

Ø Home and Community Habilitation Services

Ø Companion Services

Ø Respite Services


·        Adult Autism Waiver

Ø Respite Services

Ø Assisted Technology









Safety Facts: Holiday vacation/ Visiting out of town with a loved one with special needs

Please remember to check in with law enforcement officials at your resort/campground or city that you are visiting for an extended time. It is prudent to make emergency service personnel aware that your loved one has a special need. This is especially true if your loved one wanders. Some of the information needed is the location and phone number of where you are staying.


 Electronic Tracking Registration

wpsardc client info packets.pdfwpsardc client info packetsCynthia Garfold


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 Special Need Safety Documents

Vacation Premise Alert Instructions.pdfVacation Premise Alert InstructionsCynthia Garfold
Vacation Premise Alert.pdfVacation Premise AlertCynthia Garfold
Specialpopsguide temple.docSpecialpopsguide templeCynthia Garfold
25 field response tips for Law_Enforcement.pdf25 field response tips for Law_EnforcementCynthia Garfold
SAR for Law Enforcement workbook.pdfSAR for Law Enforcement workbookCynthia Garfold
Special Medical Needs Template Draft Final V.4 -_ 121908.docSpecial Medical Needs Template Draft Final V.4 -_ 121908Cynthia Garfold
Alzheimer card.docAlzheimer cardCynthia Garfold
Alzheimer card.pdfAlzheimer cardCynthia Garfold
Autism Findings.pdfAutism FindingsCynthia Garfold
Autism___Emergency_Preparedness-1.pdfAutism___Emergency_Preparedness-1Cynthia Garfold
autismcard.pdfautismcardCynthia Garfold
AutismCommunityReport.pdfAutismCommunityReportCynthia Garfold
Autism 101 for EMS Practicioner.pdfAutism 101 for EMS PracticionerCynthia Garfold
Autism 101 for Fire and Rescue.pdfAutism 101 for Fire and RescueCynthia Garfold
Autism 101 for Law Enforcement.pdfAutism 101 for Law EnforcementCynthia Garfold
A Spectrum of Disorders.pdfA Spectrum of DisordersCynthia Garfold
PA Premise Alert.pdfPA Premise AlertCynthia Garfold
Autism Safety Tips for parents and caregivers.pdfAutism Safety Tips for parents and caregiversCynthia Garfold